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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I type my language using this keyboard?

Desh Keyboard supports different ways of typing your language. You can type in English letters and get it converted. Or you can also use voice typing or handwriting.

Is Desh Keyboard better than Gboard or Indic Keyboard?

Desh Keyboard is the best keyboard app for your language. It will let you type your language much faster with better word predictions. You can easily switch to English when you need it. With stickers, themes, GIFs and easy access to emojis, your chatting and commenting can be more fun 🥳

Can I use this keyboard to type in English also?

Yes, Desh Keyboard has an English mode which can be easily turned on/off using the language icon on the left side of the space bar. When you start typing in English mode, it will show suggestions in English. To type in your language again, tap on the language button again.

Is Desh Keyboard safe to use?

A standard warning is shown when you enable any new keyboard on your phone. Desh Keyboard does not collect or share any private information. Over 80 million users trust us and use our app to type their language. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information.


Devananda R S

5 star

The best app ever. It is very useful and it helps to communicate with elders because we type malayalam words in english letters. And if any celebrations comes like Onam,Vishu,X-mas, etc there is stickers to send. If there is two more stars I will rate it too

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